Who are we?

Dine in Jerusalem Platform

As a platform, we at Dine in Jerusalem offer a unique opportunity, connecting traditional home-cooked meal experiences with meeting local families. You can go to a restaurant anywhere, but we give you the best prerequisites for interacting with the local community and enhancing your overall impression of your visit to Jerusalem.

That’s why we don’t just offer a product- we offer an experience in its entirety, with you getting to enjoy the hospitality and warmth of a Palestinian home.

Our Handpicked Services

One of a Kind Culinary Experience!

Why choose Dine in Jerusalem?

One of a Kind Culinary Experience!


Heart Welcoming

Our hosts are welcoming and close to heart, you will be spoiled.

Always Fresh

Your food will be always fresh and made just for you while you are here.

High Satisfaction

Our goal is to give you a satisfactory experience, we are up to it.

Always on Top

Our platform is always on top of its technologies and recipes.