What does warak enab mean?

Warak Enab in Arabic translates literally to grape leaves. This recipe is for delicious Middle Eastern grape leaves stuffed with spiced rice and meat and slowly cooked into mouthwatering perfection alongside tender lamb chops in a tangy lemon broth.

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Warak Enab- Stuffed Grape Leaves

Warak Enab are delicious stuffed grape leaves with lamb and stuffed zucchini making for a show stopping meal. It may take some time to roll all the grape leaves, but this recipe gives you step by step photos, and a video to follow along to make it an easy process to follow. It’ll feed a very happy crowd!

Why should I make mahshi warak enab?

The flavors in this dish are like nothing you’ll have tried! The vine leaves get all nice and tangy from the lemony broth, the rice is all smushy and enhanced with the spices in the meat, it’s just a dish that you have to make at least once, and you’ll be so proud that you did.