Working closely with Siraj Center, Dine in Jerusalem shares the vision of expanding responsible tourism and re-branding famous cities as destinations for experiental travel and human connection. 

As a platform, we at Dine in Jerusalem offer a unique opportunity, connecting traditional home-cooked meal experiences with meeting local families. You can go to a restaurant anywhere, but we give you the best prerequisites for interacting with the local community and enhancing your overall impression of your visit to Jerusalem. That’s why we don’t just offer a product- we offer an experience in its entirety, with you getting to enjoy the hospitality and warmth of a Palestinian home. 

As Siraj's other platforms, such as Walk Palestine, we encourage a life-enriching exchange and understanding between locals and visitors from other cultural, religious, and social backgrounds. With this platform we welcome international visitors into the lived life of Jerusalemites, and to break down cultural barriers by promoting curiosity and open-mindedness, while enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal. We have handpicked a collection of homes and meals for you to choose from, and for you to have the best and most authentic experience on you trip here. 

With awards in sustainable travel and tourism as well as responsible tourism, Siraj has strived for innovation within the tourist sector since 2005. In all our programs, we seek to maximize the contribution to the local communities. We train people to be empowered and to becoming owners of the specific packages we offer to visitors, thus increasing local engagement, economic benefits through job creation, and chances for improved social development. Before launching this platform, we had undertaken courses in sanitation in all elements of the food making process across the country. Buying any package through one of our platforms you are directly supporting this work.

We look forward to giving you a unique, heartwarming, and precious experiences in the beautiful city of Jerusalem!